WHCMA Renovation

Demolition Progresses

So exciting to see demolition progressing at 328 Shrewsbury Street.


2015-04-20c WHCMA Renovation 1st floor - new reception door opening
New doorway to back entrance of 1st floor reception desk

2015-04-20d WHCMA Renovation - Reception from future exam room
Reception area seen from future exam room. A hallway will be created at the desk end closest to the camera. This will connect the waiting room with the examination room hallway.

2015-04-20e WHCMA Renovation Demolition
Demolition crew member hard at work!

2015-04-20f WHCMA Renovation - 1st floor former kitchenette walls down
Walls have been removed from former 1st floor kitchenette. This will be transformed into 2 rooms: an examination room and a medical assistant’s office.

2015-04-20g WHCMA Renovation - demolition of former restroom
Tiles jack-hammered from former bathroom floor.