Make a List: Getting The Most Out of Your Next Appointment

With most appointments being scheduled during the busy workday, it’s easy to forget to ask your doctor the things you have had on your mind since your last visit.

For example, have you and your partner been discussing the sensitive issue of not having more children? Are you at an age where you still need birth control, but have decided you are done making a family? Something like this is an important conversation with your doctor. By bringing this up at your appointment your doctor can let you know of options such as an in-office procedure for permanent sterilization.

That’s why Women’s Health encourages you to write down these things as they come to mind. Making a list for your doctor helps you get the most out of your visit.

Women’s Health of Central Massachusetts provides information for expectant on their “Mom’s-to-Be” page. This page includes FAQ’s during pregnancy and also offers a place for your to comment back and leave a question. Click here for more information.