7 FAQ’s During Pregnancy – Women’s Health of Central Massachusetts


The following are seven commonly asked questions during pregnancy. If you would like further information on any of these, please contact our office at 508-755-4861.

Q. Can I fly?
A. Yes, it’s safe to fly usually up to 36wks. Most airlines have a rule of 35 weeks.

Q. Can I go in a hot tub?
A. No, as it raises the body temperature. Unless, you can be assured that it is less an 100 degrees Fahrenheit (If you have your own hot tub you can adjust this).

Can I sit in a bath tub?
A. Yes, as long as your membranes (water) has not broken and make sure water is not hot (see above). You can also swim in a pool, ocean, pond, lake etc.

Is it safe to swim while pregnant?
A. Yes, see above. Also, it is great exercise and is especially good for your joints which can be sore in pregnancy.

Q. What is the recommended sleeping position for pregnancy?
A. You may sleep in any position that is comfortable. After 20 weeks, we suggest sleeping on side. But, if a women rolls on her stomach or back, it is okay.

Q. Is swelling Normal? What can I do for swelling?
A. Swelling is mostly normal. We do worry in women with elevated blood pressure, however, most women will have some swelling of lower extremities and even hands due to the pregnancy. Things to help swelling include: resting with feet elevated, decrease sodium intake etc. However, sometimes no matter what you do, you still have bad swelling.

Is it safe to color/process my hair during pregnancy?
A. It is assumed to be safe, although no true studies have been done. We usually recommend after 12weeks when Organogenesis (the period during development when the organs are beginning to form) is complete.

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