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As a way of reaching out to our patients and loyal fans, Women’s Health has introduced themselves to the online community. Participating in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube, WHCMA is making themselves available to you anytime, online.

Each week, WHCMA posts several blogs, Facebook Posts and Tweets, all with a different medical topics, issues, and information.

We welcome you to join us online from the comfort of you own home. Whether you engage on our Facebook Fan Page or simply enjoy reading our Health/FAQ website blogs, we encourage your participation and feedback~!

Dr. Deldon-Saltin graduated from the University of Massachusetts Residency Training Program in June 2005 and completed her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Biddeford, Maine in 2000. Osteopathic medicine applies specific manipulative techniques as well as traditional medical approaches to disease. She has undertaken research in gynecological oncology at University of Massachusetts Medical Center and immunotoxins at the Boston Biomedical Research Institute. Dr. Deldon-Saltin has also traveled with Umass medical students to a medical misson in La Romana, Dominican Republic. She volunteers her time, one Monday a month, at the Open Door Free Clinic in Hudson MA. Dr. Deldon-Saltin looks forward to building long-term relationships with her patients through open discussion of medical issues. She welcomes new female patients for both gynecological exams and obstetrical services, including sexual dysfunction, an area of special interest. She spent a month working with renowned specialist Irwin Goldstein at the Boston Center for Sexual Medicine during her residency.